The Roundhouse

Roundhouse 1.jpg
“When I first began speaking with Shardai I was slightly unsure of what I was really looking for, or even what I was expecting her to be able to do for me; the only thing I was sure about was my wish to find a form of healing therapy that would leave me feeling like a new version of my self.
After several months of caring and considerate communication with Shardai, I was still unsure of what really to expect, but by this point was 100% sure that it was her that I wanted to share the journey with. I was lovingly looked after from the moment I got off the train until I returned home, and the weekend truly was everything I could have hoped for and more.
Robs’ food was delicious and nourishing in a way that leaves your stomach and your soul satisfied for days on end, and the love and care that went into every meal was just a complete and utter treat!
The healing that I actually received from Shardai was by far one of the most significant and life changing moments of my life. While she takes little credit for the work that she does, there is no question in my mind that her skills, abilities and loving nature made the experience entirely what it was. I felt comfortable and cared for at every stage, and everything was explained to me in the most thorough way giving me total confidence and trust in her.
And being able to experience all of that in such a stunning location, within one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever visited was a total blessing that I am just so thankful for. I am already excited for my next visit! Thank you endlessly Shardai, Rob and The Roundhouse.”
— Avarni