"It was a privilege to have Shardai work with our clients on our healing retreat. Her wisdom, her gentle and graceful nature, and her incredible knowledge about Kambo and guiding people through their journey, inspired all of our clients and allowed them to feel safe and supported. Shardai created a sacred atmosphere for every ceremony and dedicated herself completely to being of service to each person from start to finish. She is truly gifted at what she does which allows her to offer something special and unique. We feel blessed to be working with her in future as she is an uplifting individual and a powerful medicine woman and healer"

Dr Kate Marshall - Serendipity Shamanic Healing - Ibiza. 

"So many wonderful words have already been written about Shardai and her ceremonies here, and I agree with all of them. The Kambo experience is very difficult to describe, largely because the process is so deeply personal. But after each of my three treatments, myself and everyone I experienced it with clearly shared a profound sense of peace with ourselves, everyone, and everything around us. Of course this is thanks to the incredible medicine, but it is equally down to Shardai and the kindness, compassion, respect and care with which she administers it. It’s her energy and intention which makes the ceremony so sacred and everyone's process so special. The healing I receive is at once physical, emotional, and spiritual, and I am deeply thankful to both Shardai and the frog"

Sam Martingell - Owner, Kombucha Kat - kombuchakat.co.uk 

"It’s no exaggeration to say that my experience with both kambo and Shardai played a pivotal role in helping alter the perceptions I held around not just myself and my life, but that of the world around me.  Not only is she passionate, sympathetic and understanding of the trials, tribulations, emotions and traumas each of us is holding on to in some way, she has been through it and doesn’t hide behind her experiences.  I don’t know if I would have ‘let go’ or made the progress I was able to make had it not been for her openness and ability to offer clarity around areas that can often feel muddled and hard to make sense of.  Her encouragement to push beyond my comfort zone, over and above the medicine have quietly helped me gain confidence and belief in myself.  A healer, a human being, a teacher, a friend."

Mona - Operations Director - London. 

I had heard of Kambo a few times and had considered doing it before the time finally felt right. It is often said that the frog 'calls' to you when you are meant to work with it and for me this was certainly the case as I started seeing frogs in actuality, symbolically in many places and even bumped into a couple of people a few days before my first ceremony who had both done Kambo and we got talking about the experience, so its fair to say I felt very much aligned and ready to do it. I instantly felt at ease in Shardais company, it was my initiation to Kambo so naturally I did feel something I liken to nerves on the day but straight away Shardais energy made me feel very comfortable, able to share and very trusting which is a credit to her facilitation. She was happy to speak to me about anything prior to the experience and her guidance through the process is so heartfelt and of great care that I am truly blessed and grateful that I came across not just Kambo but her presence in my life too.

Since my initiation I have worked with Shardai another 3 times, Kambo is a very powerful cleanse but also has been helping me particularly emotionally in my life and I've gained more clarity, peace, trust and awareness about myself and its helped me through some pretty challenging times. I find it can remove a lot of emotional consuming 'charge' from seeming dramas and give way for more insight and loving action and ability. Kambo seems to ignite the loving warrior energy that also is a spirit with a lot of wisdom, it's a beautiful medicine to work with and I always note that being in tune with nature (certainly among a lot of noise we have, for example, from abuse of technology these days etc) can be a profound and worthwhile relationship to cultivate. I've not ever really resonated with a lot of modern medicines, prescription drugs etc so I'm so grateful for something that aligns with and supports my warrior spirit and natural self and glad we have people like Shardai making this possible in western practice! Respect! 

After my initiation I worked on different areas of my body which correlated with my intentions for my life and areas I felt could do with deeper healing, Shardai was great at quickly deciphering this out and tuning into where the points should be. It's true to say we do not always feel great when toxicity leaves our body, it is a challenge but I'd say well worth it as the benefits to all aspects of our life are tenfold. Kambo has certainly lifted a lot of feelings of heaviness from me and anxiety, leading me to a very authentic heartfelt and much more trusting way of living (consequently the last place I worked on was my heart chakra), I think at times it can be easy in life to think that a lot of things happen haphazardly outside of us but  Kambo certainly helps me continue in my understanding of responsibility and teaches me greater how to love and be loved, always starting from within. 

After my initial session on my own I have had the pleasure of sharing ceremonies with some of my closest loved ones which was surprising and again I believe is a testament to this medicine and to Shardai that they expressed interest and felt the call and trust to join and I thank Shardai for her great care, consideration and guidance for them in their journeys too. So for anyone who is considering doing Kambo I couldn't recommend Shardai highly enough and I wish you all the best.

And to a soul sister... thank you so much Shardai for your dedication and work. Aho! Love and gratitude

Eloise - Actress - London. 

"I have done a number of Kambo ceremonies with Shardai, individual ones as well as in a group setting. Shardai has also held a group healing circle at one of my Yoga retreats in Ibiza. She works in a very sacred and respectful manner with the medicine, sings beautiful healing songs and helps you to let go of those stagnant, unhelpful energies in her gentle way.

Although Kambo can cause a very intense reaction I have never felt unsafe with Shardai, but rather held with complete love and compassion. I have gained great clarity from working with Kambo and it has given me courage and strength. Shardai is very insightful and great to talk to. She is most humble, kind and authentic and makes everyone feel heard and valued. I can highly recommend Shardai's work and I am looking forward to further collaborations with her"

Maren Lander - Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner - London. 

"I had the pleasure of spending 3 days in ceremony with Shardai and 30 of her brave warriors. How wonderful to witness such deep and transformative healings brought to everybody by Shardai and the frog. Shardai creates the most beautiful scared space ready for her warriors and the medicine. All who came felt a shift, some physical, some emotional and others spiritual. She held the space perfectly, carrying out 30 healings over 3 days takes a huge amount of skill and love, which is incredible as she coordinated the events single handedly and had the ability to deal with every eventuality which crept up.

I’d recommend Shardai’s ceremonies to anybody who has a calling to the frog. She will make you feel at ease and cared for throughout your journey. Shardai is a wonderful healer and I look forward to taking part in more of her ceremonies. Viva Kambo"

 Claire Pallister - Myofascial Release and Healer - London. 

"I have been lucky enough to experience 3 one on one Kambo ceremonies with Shardai over the past couple of years. Each one was completely powerful and healing in so many different ways, each one very individual to what i needed at the present time. I find it hard to put into words the effect the medicine made on my life but I will never forget, I will be eternally grateful. If it wasn’t for Shardai bringing the medicine into my life I don’t know when I would have connected with it because I had a lot of fear around letting go and being vulnerable. However, Shardai makes the process happen with ease even just by being there with her strong presence as you know you are in a safe space. I always felt safe in her hands, hearing her sing beautiful songs during ceremony and feeling her true connection with the medicine gave me the trust I needed to see each ceremony through with strength. I would strongly recommend anyone who feels the call for deep cleansing and healing to contact Shardai about her healing work with this medicine, she is so in tune with it and she is the perfect guide for the journey"

Josie - Intuitive energy Healer - London. 

"What a lovely experience I had from the second I stepped into shardai's space I felt at home after a brief introduction shardai gave us a detailed explanation of the medicine it's origin it's effects and everything I could possibly need to know. When it was time to set our intentions & designate a area for the medicine shardai knew straight away from my intention where the medicine should be placed which really resonated with me as I also had a feeling this is the area I should work on. Through out the ceremony shardai guides you with her beautiful voice making the whole scenario a journey of pure light. Once the kambo has finished its work you are invited by shardai to lie down & integrate the healing you have received & offered some well needed fruit. Everything was done with such calmness which made the experience so blissful.This is third time sitting with this beautiful medicine Kambo & has been the most powerful by endeavouring my intention straight away the following week the spirit of the medicine sitting with me & giving me the power to manifest my intention. Big love & gratitude to shardai for such a beautiful ceremony & carrying out this work in these much needed times. Blessings x"

Chris - London. 

"Had a very beautiful session with Shardai, and will definitely do another one soon. She has a very strong presence and holds space with such gentle grace. She knows the work very well, sings like an angel and knows exactly what she's doing. Her sisterly love and beauty emanates throughout the whole process making you feel safe and relaxed during the healing. Thank you Angel.

Lily Avanesjan - Healer - London.

"Thanks for holding such a wonderful space. You made me feel completely calm and relaxed. Being my first time it wasn't anywhere near as intense as I thought it could be. Left me feeling totaly clear/focused and super amazing the days that followed. Thanks once again". 

George Scott - London.  

"I have had two kambo ceremonies with Shardai. It has changed my life. Shardai made me feel safe, supported and comfortable. I was so scared my first time and her energy made me feel calm. She helped facilitate a beautiful journey which has allowed more love and light in my life as well as giving me power to honour myself. I am excited to have another ceremony with Shardai, no two are ever the same." 

Jodie DS - Photographer and Director - Ibiza. 

"Since having had my first Kambo experience over the weekend, I can now truly assert that I feel better than I ever have. The feeling is steady, blissful and I feel as though I have more surety and clarity than I did before. What is more, it also feels as if my heart chakra has shifted somewhat and is now flowing more freely and open.

During the ceremony the definite froggy message I received was that I already have everything I need. Hearing this over and over has been transformative in realising that the past is behind me, and that I have the power and courage within me to live the life I dream of. Thank you to Shardai, the power of the Kambo frog, Pachamama and everyone else there for making the experience. In frog we trust!" 

Nicole Kiaya Jackson - UK.

"I came to know about Kambo by a chance conversation at work and straight away knew I wanted to try it. So days later I found myself in a flat in Brixton with Shardai and other Kambo warriors and newbies and so the journey began. The process isn't easy or pleasant but Shardai took me by the hand throughout as part nurse and part spiritual guide and lead me through to the other side. How I may feel after Kambo I didn't know.

I woke up the next day with the feeling of incredible clarity, to describe the feeling it was if I was on Route 66 with the vastness of the landscape all around and a completely open road ahead. A beautiful feeling. I've just had my third Kambo session and I've never before felt calmer or my mind clearer. I'm much more chilled out and have stopped obsessing about petty things. I've also had some moments of pure bliss, absolute joy, just standing in the sunlight and feeling absolutely at one with the world. Thank you Shardai, you are amazing and thank you Kambo for getting me to where I am today"

John Hobbs - Artist - London. 

"I am so Grateful that I was able to have the Kambo treatment with the very Lovely Shardai I had heard lots about Kambo from friends and knew it was the right time. The treatment itself is quite intense but very rewarding! Since the treatment I feel so much better and even friends and family have noticed a difference in me.I highly recommend it Kambo"

Philippa Love - Artist - Ibiza. 

 "Shardai was my guide and facilitator of my first ever kambo journey. I must admit I was scared but she made sure before, during and after the journey that I felt safe. She constantly reassured me so that I could dive into the experience knowing that all I had to do was surrender. Shardai is an excellent practitioner and a beautiful singer and facilitator of peace and compassion. She is competent, intelligent and very intuitive. I would recommend her without hesitation and kambo journey with her anytime." 


Suann Polverari - ERYT, HCC - India

"I am so happy and grateful to have experienced kambo with Shardai's guidance.  The first time I did kambo I remember the next day feeling so much lighter and brighter as well as more peaceful and loving.

I have suffered with depression, cold sores, food allergies and recurring illnesses in the past and after doing kambo regularly I haven't been properly ill once, and have only had one or two coldsores (which were as a result of self inflicted activities) in two years. Before starting my journey with kambo I was getting them at least once a month or more.

For me, a month or so after doing kambo, I have much more energy and wake up earlier and no longer feel like it takes me over an hour to feel awake in the mornings. I must add; kambo is not a quick fix. You also need to respect it and do your own work too, to really feel lasting positive benefits. I have started eating much more healthily since starting this journey which helps too. Not only have I seen some amazing improvements in myself since experiencing kambo with Shardai. But also have witnessed some amazing things during Shardai's beautiful ceremonies. People being healed of all sorts of mental, physical and emotional stuff that they've struggled for years to overcome, in one session sometimes.Shardai even told me once that I shouldn't be doing kambo as much as I was, because I was relying on it too much instead of taking some time to process. Which was a much needed lesson to learn and the sign of a true intuitive healer and good person; to do the right thing. There's even more I could say but realise this is already very long...

I would highly recommend kambo and Shardai to anyone wishing to improve their life in any way and to anyone experiencing any sort of health issues or anyone after a spiritual and mental cleanse. Peace and love xxxx"

Ceri Owens - DJ and Producer - London.

Kambo with Shardai was incredible! Shardai is so lovely, she has an amazing energy and her extensive knowledge of the medicine was really impressive. I felt she genuinely cared about my wellbeing and my reasons for wanting to experience Kambo. She talked me through every step and was able to answer any of my questions so I had a very clear understanding of the process which meant I felt completely relaxed through the entire experience. This lead to a very healing, loving and nurturing Kambo experience. Just amazing! I would recommend Shardai to anyone interested in this and I am so grateful that I was recommended to see her as I feel someone like Shardai who has this level of knowledge, love and care is hard to find in any field.

Sophie - Actress - London. 

"Shardai is an experienced kambo practitioner and a beautiful soul. She has been very reassuring and attentive throughout the whole experience. Every kambo session is different and very personal, Shardai is always making sure that everyone is getting full benefits from the medicine. She is treating every participant individually and with great care, choosing treatment based on health issues and emotional blocks of each person. Kambo gave me more clarity in my thought, focus and energy. I have been able to let go of and realise emotions that has been blocking me....Kambo also made me physically stronger and cleared out my skin. It's a work in progress...I will continue seeing Shardai and I'm looking forward to our next session".

Kamila Marsza - London. 

️️"Sooo Kambo really has strengthened my immune system (as well as my mind and spirit), my body heals from anything thrown at it in super fast time now.... The latest, man flu... We all know that's deadly (good job I'm a wo man!).... Gone in 2 days, like a gigantic coldsore that tried to live on my face...disappeared in 2 days, it's extraordinary Shardai!!! I feel blessed being part of your kambo fambo. Lots of love you amaaaazing woman"  

Stef Shambla - Liverpool. 

"Seeing Shardai do her thing during a ceremony took her raw level of honesty as a friend to me one step further. There isn’t a single thing in the world that I would not be willing to share with this woman. No matter how crazy, how painful or how insanely nuts it may sound, Shardai is the person who resonates with it all. The truth hurts for many of us, but when you live in it daily like Shardai does you can allow your true nature and high spirits to run through you divinely. She makes it look so easy. 

No matter what you have been through Shardai can help you get past it from a place of complete trust and non judgment. You can really feel her heart when she’s in the room (Seriously!!!) and her voice when she sings in her ceremonies is enough to put any sickness you may feel at ease and maybe even cry watching her like I do. 

She doesn’t like to call herself a Shaman, but to be honest I have never met a women who deserves this title more. She is the light you need for sure. Plus when she unpacks her bag of Kambo tricks she always brings her humour to what can seem like a very serious situation"

Nat Rich - Vlogger - Ibiza.

"I had a profound experience with Kambo and the spiritual guidance of the lovely Shardai. The frog opened up my heart more and I feel that this has been progressive since the ceremony. Shardai made the whole group feel relaxed and comfortable, which helped with my initial apprehension. I highly recommend having this experience with Shardai and her gentle guidance. A Ho"

Howard - Ibiza.