Is Kambo dangerous? 


If Kambo is administered by a properly trained practitioner and the contraindication guidelines are followed Kambo is completely safe to use. 


Will I hallucinate?


Kambo is not psychoactive therefore it does not alter your state of mind or cause visions. Some people say they receive intuitive guidance but this comes as an inner knowing. 


What does it mean to purge?

Purge means to vomit.

However, purging with Kambo is unlike vomit, because you have fasted before the treatment and your stomach is completely empty of food. Just before the session is applied you are required to drink 2 litres of water.


Do I have to Purge? 


Kambo is a purgative, it is likely that there will be no problem with this process. Toxins have been sent to your stomach to be released therefore the purge is an integral part of the treatment.



A private session is a one-on-one treatment. On a date that we arrange we work together in a beautiful ceremony. For this, I can come to your home or you come to my space. 

A group circle is when you join a circle that I have arranged and you receive medicine with other participants in a circle. Usually I keep my groups as small and intimate gatherings with no more than 10 people attending.


How long does it last for? 

The feelings of Kambo and the purging effect lasts for around 30-40 minutes, most people are fully recovered within an hour. 

The circle itself can last for a few hours depending on how many are participating in the circle. The rest of the time is for intention setting, praying, resting and eating after the treatment. If it is a private treatment 2-3 hours is usually required and a group circle will last for between 3-4 hours in total. 

There is no way of knowing exact timings, I like to leave plenty of space for the process to happen naturally, in its own time. 




You are required to fast for 8-12 hours before the treatment so that there is no food in the stomach when you receive. There is no specific diet recommended in the days leading up to the treatment although the cleaner the food you consume the better. 

There will be food offered after the treatment and you can usually eat normally straight away, although some may take a little time to get their appetite back. Again, there is no specific diet required afterwards.

Strictly no alcohol or drugs to be consumed 24 hours before and after the treatment. If you take medication please inform the practitioner.  


Can I take Kambo WHEN I HAVE MY period? 


However, if you are on your flow at the time of receiving it can become heavier and there can be some cramping during the process. A hot water bottle is often used to ease any cramping during the treatment. 


Can I recieve kambo if I am pregnant? 


Kambo is not used on those who are pregnant or in the final stages of trying to conceive. Although Kambo can be used for fertility purposes it is not advised if you are currently trying to conceive and there is a chance you could be pregnant. 


Will I have scars? 


It is likely that there will be some scars. They are often not noticeable after some time and can be placed in areas that aren not as visible, if you wish. 

The burns remove the first few layers of skin so it is not deep, it is very light but it does cause immediate scars which fade considerably over time. 

It can depend on the location of the points and the individuals skin type as to whether there is light or dark marks. 


Will i be ok the next day? 

Yes, usually.

Each person is different but most people are able to carry on with their commitments the next day, some even feel the warrior spirit and wake up feeling bright and energised. 

Others may need a little longer to feel the benefits and can process for some time afterwards, which is still manageable. 


How often should I take Kambo? 

This is up to you. 

There are different ways to work with the Kambo and together we can design a personal protocol for anything specific you wish to address.

But, ultimately you will be working with the spirit of the medicine and will feel intuitively when you are feeling the call. 

It is not recommended to have more than 12 treatments within a year.