Shardai Lynn

The way forward for the human race is to recognise and protect the fundamental right of sovereignty over consciousness, to throw off the chains of our divisive religious heritage, to seek out forms of spirituality that are truly supportive of liberty and tolerance, to help the human spirit grow rather than wither, and to nurture our innate capacity for love and mutual respect.

- Graham Hancock

Shardai is a medicine carrier, energy healer, sacred space holder and mentor, but above all she is your sister, humbly walking the path of the heart.

Known for her deep shamanic work in which she holds people through transformative processes, Shardai encourages those who work with her to find their innate wisdom so they may feel empowered to walk the path of their own heart and stay true to who they are.

Shardai feels we are in a time that requires deep inner reflection in order to see the world we wish to live in and a one that we can sustain.

She clearly carries the medicine of Mother Earth in her heart and through her grounded approach and truthful insights she guides those who may have become a little lost, illuminating the path that leads to living a life of purpose and meaning.

Shardai works deeply with ancestral wisdom and encourages the healing of our blood line in order to be free of energy that may block our ability to shine and rise at such a poignant time in our evolution.

We have everything we need within, sometimes we just need a little guidance on our path and this is always revealed at the perfect time - everything in its right place

- Shardai Lynn

'Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich life truly is.'